€282.7 billion in payments to 23016285 recipients,
including lots of fresh payments from 2013
e.g. Nestle or Windsor

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The European Union spends around €55 billion a year on farm subsidies.
This site tells you who receives the money.

Latest annotations

  • feuxdusoleil annotated BROWN, G P:
    Mr Brown is currently applying to East Devon District Council for a Certificate of Lawfulness in relation to his occupancy of Ware Farm for more than ten years whilst NOT ...
  • GammyJane annotated Wormsley Estate Limited:
    I am totally shocked by the amount of subsidies Wormsley gets. It is owned by the very wealthy and famous Getty family. I live close to it and they do ...
  • kcarmody annotated KATE CARMODY:
    This is an organic farm
  • dannyboy annotated WILLOUGHBY FARMS LTD:
    About 6000 acre privately-owned (via family Trust) estate, mainly arable, pig fattening unit, some beef & woodlands.
  • Agrarindex annotated Wilhelem István:
    Látszólag semmi szabad vagyona, bírósági végrehajtást lilerüli ezzel, adósságait nem rendezi