€282.7 billion in payments to 23016285 recipients,
including lots of fresh payments from 2013
e.g. Nestle or Windsor


OSAÜHING KÕPU PM is a recipient of farm subsidies in Estonia.

Since 2001 OSAÜHING KÕPU PM has received €550,430 in payments from the European Union .

Details of payments

Year Scheme Total
2005 Single area payment scheme €58,631
2005 Bovine animal breeding €50,990
2005 Support for meeting standards €25,000
2005 Crop growing €19,995
2005 Liming of agricultural land €3,330
2004 Agri-environmentally friendly production €72,770
2004 Single area payment scheme €44,907
2004 Dairy cow breeding €38,117
2004 Crop growing €27,233
2004 Support for meeting standards €25,000
2004 Bovine animal breeding €17,998
2003 Dairy cow breeding €39,249
2003 Cereals €14,985
2002 Dairy cow breeding €40,650
2002 Cereals €13,277
2002 Compensation for crop failure €5,631
2001 Dairy cow breeding €37,521
2001 Cereals €10,473
2001 Additional support for cereal growing €4,673
Total: €550,430

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Currently all we know about OSAÜHING KÕPU PM are the few bits of information released by the Estonia government.

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