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F Lowrison(Farmers)

F Lowrison(Farmers) is a recipient of farm subsidies in Ryton, United Kingdom.

Since 1999 F Lowrison(Farmers) has received in payments from the European Union .

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This is Dents Hall Farm near the Folly in Greenside - Tyne and Wear.

Currently it is growing barley. A smallish farm, alot of the land was bought from the NCB.

The rights on way on this farm are constantly being dug up by the current farmers the two sons, and not reinstated. Clay pigeon shooting takes place on the farm firing over the rights of way and hitting public houses. The paths are ancient and historic and not respected. They have not currently taken notice of council officials on the matter. The father, the original farmer has passed away. They seem quite happy it seems to take public money but not respect the public on rights of way.

The house is a listed building of an old age.Nearby there used to be the buildings known as Dogs Leap, from here the miners used ancient paths to walk to the pit in Stargate. The old corpse road also runs through this farm

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