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ASHTON AGRICULTURAL & GENERAL LTD is a recipient of farm subsidies in Grizebeck, United Kingdom.

Since 1999 ASHTON AGRICULTURAL & GENERAL LTD has received in payments from the European Union .

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Ashton is a front for Mark Keegan. Mark Keegan is a 'trader' who specialized in commercial property 'Albermarle Property' 'Orb Estates' etc, and also Gold Mining such as 'Hidefield Gold' He has gone back to his routes with 'Farmlands of Guinea (now Africa) He also used to have lands in Argentinia (New Hibernia). Ashton Agricultural has share holdings in 'Sovreign Mines of Africa;jsessionid=DA54ACE19306FF0A31A763F171F8034A?newsId=802054 Mark Keegan is not listed as a director of Ashton Agricultural but his wife and kids are (you can find links to their other companies here They supposedly also run Holiday Cottages but mainly the Keegan Children live in them, and benefit from them. Ashlack Hall is their main residence Katherine lives at Knittleton Cottage. Interestingly, Katie Keegan (who is a director of Ashton which invests in goldmiing and 'farming' in Africa is also a director of an 'ethical' company 'One Green Earth' and sells 'eco-directories'. The type of 'land grab' Ashton invests in is monitored by the likes of But Mark Keegan is the backer with his 'Linewall Corporation' and companie sin the British Virgin Islands 'Ashton Agricultural and General Ltd' is apparently also registered there with Keegans as Directors. They have very little in the way of sheep, and have a very dodgy deal with Subberthwaite Commoners association - if anyone actually looked into these 'deals' the farmers dont farm asmany stock as they say they do. Who knew? Closed shop.

Added 26 June 2012 by Doug | # | something wrong?

Officially, Mark Keegan has no recorded involvement in Ashton Agricultural, but he will freely tell you that he owns everything.

Added 26 June 2012 by Doug | # | something wrong?

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