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ASHTON AGRICULTURAL & GENERAL LTD is a recipient of farm subsidies in Grizebeck, United Kingdom.

Since 1999 ASHTON AGRICULTURAL & GENERAL LTD has received in payments from the European Union .

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Ashton is a front for Mark Keegan. Mark Keegan is a 'trader' who specialized in commercial property 'Albermarle Property'http://www.propertyweek.com/news/albemarle-suspended-over-tardy-money/2006122.article 'Orb Estates' etc, and also Gold Mining such as 'Hidefield Gold' http://www.investegate.co.uk/Article.aspx?id=200309101108506024P&tab=article. He has gone back to his routes with 'Farmlands of Guinea (now Africa) http://www.farmlandsofafrica.com/ He also used to have lands in Argentinia (New Hibernia). Ashton Agricultural has share holdings in 'Sovreign Mines of Africa http://www.plus-sx.com/newsItem.html;jsessionid=DA54ACE19306FF0A31A763F171F8034A?newsId=802054 Mark Keegan is not listed as a director of Ashton Agricultural but his wife and kids are (you can find links to their other companies here http://companycheck.co.uk/company/04049547). They supposedly also run Holiday Cottages but mainly the Keegan Children live in them, and benefit from them. Ashlack Hall is their main residence http://www.ashlackcottages.co.uk/ Katherine lives at Knittleton Cottage. Interestingly, Katie Keegan (who is a director of Ashton which invests in goldmiing and 'farming' in Africa is also a director of an 'ethical' company 'One Green Earth' http://company-director-check.co.uk/director/908969198 and sells 'eco-directories'. The type of 'land grab' Ashton invests in is monitored by the likes of http://farmlandgrab.org/post/view/19608. But Mark Keegan is the backer with his 'Linewall Corporation' http://companycheck.co.uk/company/06698812 and companie sin the British Virgin Islands http://sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1435736/000116552711000230/g4905.htm 'Ashton Agricultural and General Ltd' is apparently also registered there with Keegans as Directors. They have very little in the way of sheep, and have a very dodgy deal with Subberthwaite Commoners association - if anyone actually looked into these 'deals' the farmers dont farm asmany stock as they say they do. Who knew? Closed shop.

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Officially, Mark Keegan has no recorded involvement in Ashton Agricultural, but he will freely tell you that he owns everything. http://www.nwemail.co.uk/home/fire-crew-battle-grizebeck-blaze-1.683542?referrerPath=afc/

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