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Balnagown Castle Prop Ltd

Balnagown Castle Prop Ltd is a recipient of farm subsidies in Kildary, United Kingdom.

Since 1999 Balnagown Castle Prop Ltd has received in payments from the European Union .

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Balnagown Estates is owned by Mohamed Al-Fayed, who sold the Harrods department store for £1.5 billion in 2010.

Balnagown's website describes it as the ancestral home of the Clan Ross and “an amalgamation of three ancient estates” stretching over “an area of some of the most untouched natural beauty in Europe.”

As a consequence, the website claims, “we have some of the finest shooting, fishing and stalking in the British Isles. We also provide for a wide range of further activities; from sedate, secluded walks and bicycle rides to more exertive pursuits such as archery, and all set against a background of true natural splendour.”

In addition, “the 65,000 acre estate of Balnagown and its traditional holiday cottages [are] available for those seeking a picturesque highland retreat.”

Al Fayed spent £20 million restoring Balnagown and says it was “worth every penny.”

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