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WOLVERCOTE COMMONERS COMMITTEE is a recipient of farm subsidies in Oxford, United Kingdom.

Since 1999 WOLVERCOTE COMMONERS COMMITTEE has received €17,123 in payments from the European Union .

Details of payments

Year Scheme Total
2008 Rural development programmes €2,587
2008 SPS (single payment scheme) €2,566
2007 SPS (single payment scheme) €7,278
2007 Additional amounts of aid €243
2006 SPS (single payment scheme) €4,449
Total: €17,123

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Wolvercote Commoners Committee was established in 1929. It is responsible for the management of common land and the preservation of other amenities in the village. Everyone who lives within the parish of Wolvercote can claim to be a Commoner - however most people lost the grazing rights associated with their properties when an Act of Parliament regarding common land was enacted in 1965. Wolvercote Commoners also have some rights over Port Meadow, “England's oldest monument”, which is managed mainly by Oxford City Council and the Freemen of Oxford.

However, the committee does not spend its time exclusively dealing with grazing rights. Other issues covered in recent years include tree planting, street lighting, road surfaces, footpaths, traffic speed, proposed new building, protection of local ancient monuments and preserving the village's essential services, such as the surgery and bus service.

The committee maintains good relations with our neighbours, Wytham Parish Meeting and the Freemen of Oxford, and work closely with Natural England, the Environment Agency, Defra, Oxfordshire County Council, Oxford City Council and other national and local organisations.

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