€295.5 billion in payments to 23110639 recipients,
including all the payments from 2013
e.g. Nestle or Windsor

EU Farm subsidies for Lithuania in 2002

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These pages list farm subsidy payments made in Lithuania as published directly by the government of Lithuania or sourced via freedom of information requests. Lithuania is 4th in our transparency index which measures how good governments are at opening up their data to the general public.

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Top recipients

Recipient name Amount
ŽŪKB „Krekenavos mėsa" €6,171,229
AB „Pieno žvaigždės" €5,589,772
AB „Rokiškio sūris" €2,710,008
AB „Vilniaus paukštynas" €2,572,931
UAB „Rovisa" €2,497,773

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Top schemes

Scheme name Amount
SAPARD €53,592,864

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