€282.7 billion in payments to 23016285 recipients,
including lots of fresh payments from 2013
e.g. Nestle or Windsor

News and reports from the farmsubsidy.org network

New privacy rules keep 92% of Common Agricultural Policy beneficiaries secret

9 May 2012.

Farmsubsidy.org estimates that fewer than one in ten beneficiaries of EU farm subsidies has been published this year. The total value of payments published is €22 billion, or 45 per cent of the annual CAP budget of €54 billion.

New funding

12 December 2011.

New funding secures farmsubsidy.org’s future as a data journalism project for the next two years.

Let The Sunshine In

23 September 2011.

We’re calling for new rules to increase transparency in farm subsidies. Will you add your voice to our campaign?

2011 Farm Subsidy Data Harvest: Millionaires and Missing Money

10 May 2011.

For the third year running, an international group of journalists, transparency activists and computer programmers gathered in Brussels for three days

The Black Book of Austrian Agriculture

18 February 2011.

Revelations by an Austrian investigative journalist have shaken the Austrian farming and political establishments.

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Media coverage

The new viking invasion | Daily Telegraph

16 May 2012.

We knew the Scandinavians were dominating our television schedules with their dark detective dramas – but the news that they are buying up large swaths of real-life British countryside has come as an unexpected plot twist.

Queen's Sandringham estate receives £7m farming subsidies from EU | Mail Online

11 May 2012.

The Queen has received £7million in farming subsidies funded by taxpayers over the past ten years, it emerged yesterday. And the Duke of Westminster – one of Britain’s richest men – has been given around £6million. They are among a roll call of millionaire land owners who have accepted bonanza payouts from Brussels.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2110261/Queens-Sandringham-estate-receives-7m-farming-subsidies-EU.html#ixzz1uZhFWZLS

Rich landowners paid millions in farming subsidies | BBC News

11 May 2012.

Six-figure subsidies meant to help struggling farmers are being paid out to some of Britain’s richest landowners, BBC Panorama has found.

Pas de transparence pour 90 % des agriculteurs européens bénéficiaires de la PAC |France Info

9 May 2012.

Jusqu’à l’an dernier, les noms de tous les bénéficiaires de la politique agricole commune étaient publiés par une association non gouvernementale farmsubsidy.org, ce qui permettait de savoir précisément qui touchait quoi…

Quand 9 bénéficiaires de la PAC sur 10 échappent à l'obligation de transparence

9 May 2012.

Alors que la totalité des bénéficiaires de la Politique agricole commune (PAC) figurait les années passées sur la liste établie par l’Europe, la justice européenne a publié une liste ne concernant que 8% des bénéficiaires en 2011, soit 45% des aides distribuées. Raison invoquée : le respect de la vie privée.

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