€282.7 billion in payments to 23016285 recipients,
including lots of fresh payments from 2013
e.g. Nestle or Windsor

News & reports from the farmsubsidy.org network

New privacy rules keep 92% of Common Agricultural Policy beneficiaries secret

9 May 2012.

Farmsubsidy.org estimates that fewer than one in ten beneficiaries of EU farm subsidies has been published this year. The total value of payments published is €22 billion, or 45 per cent of the annual CAP budget of €54 billion.

New funding

12 December 2011.

New funding secures farmsubsidy.org’s future as a data journalism project for the next two years.

Let The Sunshine In

23 September 2011.

We’re calling for new rules to increase transparency in farm subsidies. Will you add your voice to our campaign?

2011 Farm Subsidy Data Harvest: Millionaires and Missing Money

10 May 2011.

For the third year running, an international group of journalists, transparency activists and computer programmers gathered in Brussels for three days

The Black Book of Austrian Agriculture

18 February 2011.

Revelations by an Austrian investigative journalist have shaken the Austrian farming and political establishments.

Civil society common position on farm subsidy transparency

26 January 2011.

The farmsubsidy.org network has agreed a common position on a future transparency regime for the common agricultural policy.

Reaction to ECJ ruling

9 November 2010.

The European Court of Justice has ruled that the current system of publishing farm subsidy data is ‘invalid’. Farmsubsidy.org’s founders give their initial reaction.

Who Runs the CAP?

29 October 2010.

Analysis showing how the European Union Agriculture Council is dominated by farmers, farm lobbyists and agribusiness at the expense of the rest of society.

A Family Affair

16 September 2010.

An investigation by two members of the farmsubsidy.org network has triggered a criminal investigation of misuses of EU funds by a former Bulgarian minister of agriculture.